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Naše skúsenosti sú ďalej, ako naše chápanie. Áno, je to zážitok, nie pochopenie, čo ovplyvňuje skúsenosť a správanie sa.

Marshall McLuhan

Study Programs


Faculty of Arts TUKE offers the following bachelor, master / engineering and doctoral degree programs in full-time study and in doctoral programs as well as in external studies.

The duration of the bachelor study is four years. The duration of the master's and engineering studies is two years. The duration of a doctoral study in daily form is four years and in external form 5 years.

Study Programm I. level II. level III. level
Design Bachelor Master Doctoral
Free Fine Arts Bachelor Master Doctoral
Architecture and Urbanism Bachelor Master  


  • Study Programs in Design at the Department of Design (show more) 

Bachelor’s study program in Design (awarding the of title Bc.)

The length of the full-time bachelor’s study program (the first level study program) is four years a term which corresponds to the demands of the interdisciplinary nature of this study program. Graduates from the bachelor’s program are independent creative personalitieswhose academic background includes knowledge from art, science and technology. In order for students to reach the required level of knowledge and skill in the subject, their first year is spentin the Foundations of Design Studio where they take their first steps as designers (Basics of Design) and as artists (Drawing for Design, Moulding, Artistic Geometry, and, during their second year,Colour and Lettering). Studentsrequire four semesters (two years) to successfully complete their assignments in all four specialized design studios (1. Industrial, 2. Product, 3. Innovation, 4. Visual Communication).Students then have three remaining semesters to hone their skills in the studio of their choosing, in whichthey will complete their bachelor work over the course of one semester.The complexity of the Design study program at the Faculty of Arts is ensured by the variety of subjects and assignments which students are required to undertake in the various studios.

Master’s study program in Design (awarding the title of Mgr. art.)

The length of the full-time study program(the second level study program) is two years a term which corresponds to the demands of an interdisciplinary course. Graduates from the master’s program are independent creative personalities whose academic background includes knowledge from art, science and technology.In the main subject of Design Studio, master’s students focus on design work in one specific studio which they chose during the admission process to the master’s program; most commonly, this is the same studio in which the students completed their bachelor’s studies.In the fifth year of their studies, students can spend one semester in another studio within the Faculty of Arts or in other institutions either within Slovakia or abroad through student exchanges such as those facilitated by the Erasmus program. The design assignments performed in the four Design Studios at the Department (1. Industrial, 2. Space, 3. Innovation, 4. Visual Communication) are more demanding projects and conceptualizations which are often carried out in collaboration with manufacturing companies and workshops. These projects can include concepts, which can push the boundaries of the discipline of Design.The second year of the master’s program is dedicated to thesis work. Students are expected to support their design work with research which is documented in the theoretical section of their thesis. Additional subjects such as the History of Design, Contemporary Aesthetics, Contemporary Design, Architecture and Fine Arts, and Thesis Methodology can support students in preparing their thesis.

Doctoral study program in Design (awarding the title of ArtD.)

The length of the full-time doctoral study program (the third level study program) is four years (five years for part-time students) which is in line with the description of the 2.2.6 study program in Design and with the demands of an interdisciplinary course.Graduates from this third level study program are independent creative personalities whose academic background includes knowledge from art, science and technology, who have also completed design research within the discipline and who are in a position to offer their reflections on current developments through expert literature. During the course of their studies, doctoral students are involved in fulfilling the research and teaching tasks of the Department of Design. In addition to this, they perform their own artistic work, are involved in design projects, publishtheir work, investigate findings from their field of research, and participate in the development of the Department.


  • Study Programs in Free Fine Arts at the Department Fine Arts and Intermedia (show more) 

Teaching in this program leads to the free development of the individual creativity of students in a wide range of artistic forms, from the application of traditional techniques (the study of the human body and anatomy) to the most cutting-edge means of expression in fine art (art objects, installations,performance art, etc.). Under the expert guidance of the academic staff, students aredirected individually towards independentlyformulating and graduating their own creative program, which best suits, their talents and inclinations.Along with the development of their skills in their chosen study (in the specialized studios of Graphics and Experimental Art, Contemporary Painting, 3D Free Creativity, and New Media), students also acquire basic knowledge from the fields of the history of art culture, aesthetics, technology, philosophy and psychology.

Bachelor’s study program (awarding the title of Bc.)

Graduates are able to perform independent creative work, have gained an overview of artistic culture and have sufficient level of craftsmanship to allow them to cooperate with other professionals.

 Master’s study program (awarding the title of Mgr. art.)

Graduates are able to define and solve creative problems at a professional level using authentic and visual language, cooperate with other professionals in architectural projects (or, for example, in a teaching capacity), and thereby contribute to the formation of cultural consciousness and to the increase of the spiritual and material level of artistic culture in our local environment.

Doctoral study program in “Free Fine Arts” (awarding the title of ArtD.)

After the completion of their doctoral studies, graduates should demonstrate ability and readiness for independent artistic and research activities in the fields of free and applied fine art which is based on their knowledge of contemporary artistic trends. They exhibitthe resultsof their work and are prepared to participateactivelyin the creation of concepts and in the development of their field.Graduates should be able to study foreign professional literature in its original language, have an active command of at least one foreign language (both in written and spoken communication) and should be able to communicate in one other foreign language. Graduates can apply themselves as independent working artistsbut can also work as teachers’ inhigher education.


  • Study Programs in Architecture and Urbanism at the Department of Arts Architecture (show more)

Bachelor’s study program (awarding the title of Bc.)

Graduates of the bachelor’s program gain a foundation level of knowledge in the field and can begin their careers as specialists in the project or investment processes, as construction managers or in planning and building authorities. Alternatively, graduates can continue to the master’s study program.

Master’s study program (awarding the title of Ing. arch.)

The master’s program fulfils all the criteria of European Council Directive 85/384/EECfor qualifications in architecture. The artistic and architectural profile of graduatesis deepened through professional knowledge from the subjects of building construction theory and statics-related, economic and technological disciplines. The expertise acquired during the study program grants graduates a comprehensive mastery of the entire architectural process; from the architectural design of the building to the construction and artistic handling of architectural detailsandthe completion of the building.Studies arecarried out in four vertically organised Studios led by recognized architects.

  • Students at each level of study can complete mobility at partner foreign universities under the Erasmus+ Program.