Research and Art

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Naše skúsenosti sú ďalej, ako naše chápanie. Áno, je to zážitok, nie pochopenie, čo ovplyvňuje skúsenosť a správanie sa.

Marshall McLuhan

Fields of Art


In the context of art schools and universities in Slovakia, the Faculty of Arts TUKE has its specific position, not only by its internal constellation (fine arts and intermedia, architecture and design), but especially by its location in more technically oriented university environment. The character of the Faculty of Arts TUKE is shaped by a dynamic balance between artistic and technological fields as well as contemporary interdisciplinary communication within the various creative areas. This has an impact on the nature of the artistic outputs generated, which cut across diverse fields of art, including different activities related to the creative industries.

Artistic or creative activities of teachers and researchers are closely connected in synergy with their scientific research and pedagogical activities. Evidence of artistic and publishing activities at the Faculty of Arts TUKE takes place as standard within the official national central registers  (CREUČ, CREPČ). 

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