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Naše skúsenosti sú ďalej, ako naše chápanie. Áno, je to zážitok, nie pochopenie, čo ovplyvňuje skúsenosť a správanie sa.

Marshall McLuhan

Open Days


  • at the Faculty of Arts TUKE

Every year during the January and May, the Faculty of Arts organizes an Open Days event (DOD) which presents the semester art works of the students of the architecture, design and visual arts departments.

The art works and the semester works of bachelor's and master's students are traditionally an attraction not only for the professional community, but also for the general public. The event offer a whole range of artistic fields - from architectural projects, through design concepts to visual and interactive works of art, which are created within the individual profiled studios.

Through this event, the faculty wants to point out not only the creativity and invention of the students, but also to show the specific study opportunities in the context of the Slovak art educational institutions.


  • at the Technical University of Košice

The Open days event at TUKE is focused on the promotion of the university and all of the nine faculties or selected university platforms. In this way, the Faculty of Arts also tries to be accessible not only for the primary or secondary schools students, but also for the general public. Through this event the Faculty of arts presents its accredited fields of study in an attractive way.