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Naše skúsenosti sú ďalej, ako naše chápanie. Áno, je to zážitok, nie pochopenie, čo ovplyvňuje skúsenosť a správanie sa.

Marshall McLuhan

Archaelogical Research


Faculty of Arts at the Technical University of Košice provides the realization of archaeological research. Programmatically is focused od the research of medieval religious architecture in the eastern region of Slovakia and medieval and early postmedieval structures of urban settlements, with an emphasis on the city of Košice.

The archaeological specialization has relatively clear regional character, but the results of our scientific work regularly confront both national and international level through participation in international conferences and subsequent publication in professional and scientific journals.

Department currently consists of two scientists with specific competence to carry out archaeological excavations and one archaeological techniques. They all have over 15 years experience in the field. It represents the number of realizations in the terrain research, participation in grant programs and publication activity. It is a flexible team, ensuring rapid coordination of individual activities, which creates suitable conditions for effective cooperation with other research teams.

The department currently deals with grant program VEGA 1/0727/17 - Constructional development and mural paintings of medieval architecture in East Slovakia

List of research documentation from archaelogical excavations since 2010