Research and Art

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Naše skúsenosti sú ďalej, ako naše chápanie. Áno, je to zážitok, nie pochopenie, čo ovplyvňuje skúsenosť a správanie sa.

Marshall McLuhan

Research Areas


Research activities at the Faculty of Arts TUKE are realized at individual departments and workplaces in accordance with the Development Plans of FU TUKE and university Long-term Plans in 2016-2023 period. Research activities within individual fields of study are part of the results of creative professional activities of teachers, researchers and doctoral students. Important platforms which shapes the university-wide and interfaculty collaboration include RobLab, The Centre for Advanced Visualizations, and CORE Labs (in implementation / MAO). Equally important is cooperation with selected university workplaces (eg. UVP Technicom) in the framework of specific calls and projects. Basic research at the Faculty of Arts not only forms the basis for further creative activity of teachers, but is also a stimulus for qualitative progress in the process of education itself. Scientific-research activity conditions the development of professional capacities at individual workplaces and contributes to the fulfillment of long-term strategic plans of the Faculty of Arts TUKE.

Long-term Plan of TUKE / 2016 - 2023


The Center for Advanced Visualizations